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Consciousness Is Relationship with Richard Moss, M.D.


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Do you give much thought to the meaning and nature of relationship? Subject, object, you, me, we, us? How many of us ever explore the multiple dimensions of relationship, or why we are often compelled to its pursuit. Author and internationally known teacher, Richard Moss, believes there is a deep yearning inside of us, a quest for relationship, and that is the essence of consciousness. In this illuminating dialogue Moss explores the meaning of consciousness, hope and faith, hopelessness and despair, the mystery of mothers and sons, and the difference between the transcendent power of seeing the “otherness” of others and seeing others as an extension of our own psychology. “I’m talking about a paradox, that if you become profoundly connected to who you are – the beginning of yourself – then the other ceases to be an extension of your psychology, and exists as a true other.”


Richard Moss, M.D. received his doctorate of Medicine in 1972, but after a few years of general practice, a life-changing realization led him to his true calling: the exploration of spiritual awakening and its integration in daily life. For more than three decades Moss has been working intimately with groups, helping people all over the world to touch their deeper essence, thus transforming their lives.

He is the author of many books, including:

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Topics Explored in this Dialogue:

  • How you attain greater consciousness through relationship
  • How you can educate your soul
  • What is the human game
  • Why agendas can cause personal anxiety
  • Where is consciousness located

Host:               Interview Date: 5/1/2002                       Program Number: 2938               


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