Consciousness: Bridging Science And Spirit with Peter Russell


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What is consciousness? Where do thoughts come from? These mysteries of mind and thought perplexed world-renowned futurist and best-selling author Peter Russell when he was a young student at Cambridge University. The pivotal question came to him as he worked on the wave equation of hydrogen. “How is it that hydrogen has evolved into a conscious creature like myself with the intellectual ability to actually do the mathematics on hydrogen?” Russell, who was studying with Stephen Hawking at the time, realized that physics was never going to truly answer these interesting questions of consciousness. Russell tells the story of how this epiphany sent him on a journey of exploration into the nature of consciousness and led him to his lifework. He shares his ideas and discoveries about the value of meditation, science, the interior universe, and the emerging new paradigm in science.


Peter Russell is the author of From Science to God: A Physicist’s Journey Into the Mystery of Consciousness (New World Library 2005), The Global Brain (Tarcher 1983), The Global Brain Awakens: Our Next Evolutionary Leap (Global Brain, Inc. 1995). As a futurist, he has been a keynote speaker at many international conferences in Europe, Japan and the USA. To learn more about the work of Peter Russell go to

Topics Explored in this Dialogue:

  • How you can create your own experience of reality
  • What you can do to shift your consciousness
  • Why excessive self-talk can block your creativity
  • How paradigm shifts occur in the world
  • What classic science can learn from the psychic realm

Host: Michael Toms                 Interview Date: 5/15/2002                       Program Number: 2943                   


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