Choosing A Sustainable Future with Duane Elgin


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Faced with dwindling resources, mounting pollution and an exploding population, we are being challenged to come together as a whole family, a whole species, for the first time in human history. At the same time, however, our technology is creating the very means to accomplish this monumental task. This is just one of the vitally important perspectives on humanity’s evolutionary journey that Duane Elgin discusses. He also says that “as a civilization we have yet to turn our conscious intention to the nature of consciousness itself, a key attribute of the emerging era.” Elgin nonetheless has high hopes for human beings: “Although many people feel alone, it’s important to realize how many people are part of this new culture of consciousness,” and “matter and consciousness evolve together.” This is a spiritual and philosophical treat from the former senior social scientist at SRI International.


Elgin is also the author of Voluntary Simplicity (Morrow 1981) and Awakening Earth (William Morrow 1993), a landmark book on ecological lifestyles, as well as the director of the nonprofit organization Choosing Our Future.

Topics Explored in this Dialogue:

  • How you can help the world
  • Why the media doesn’t cover the revolution in consciousness
  • Important themes from the State of the World Forum
  • Why communication is the key to global change
  • Crisis as an opportunity for change
  • Insights about the media
  • Pollution of our electronic environment
  • Our increasing need for community
  • Working together and keeping our freedom alive
  • Turning our conscious intention to the nature of consciousness itself

Host: Mark Walstrom                Interview Date: 4/15/1996                   Program Number: 2652              


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