Beyond Crisis with Ann Kaiser Stearns, Ph.D.


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Everyone experiences personal crisis of one form or another. In this dialogue, Stearns, a clinical psychologist, tells how new growth can occur through pain, grief and trauma. Turning losses into victories underscores the conversation, as she describes what enables and inspires some people to transform tragedy into rebirth while others are defeated or crushed. Stearns tells the real life stories of “triumphant survivors” who have become stronger and continued moving forward positively after enduring terrible loss and trauma.

She is the author of Living Through Personal Crisis (Ballantine 1985) and Coming Back: Rebuilding Lives After Crisis and Loss (Random House 1988). For more information about the work of Ann Kaiser Sterns go to

Host: Michael Toms                   Interview Date: 5/18/1988                        Program Number: 2089                                


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