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Beyond Buddha with Steve Bhaerman (AKA Swami Beyondananda)


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Set aside your Baghavad Gita, your Koran, your Bible and your News York Times and join one of the happiest mediums you’ll ever find for an hour of the lighter side of enlightenment. Many of us have enjoyed Steve Bhaerman’s extraordinary view of the world as revealed by the persona of Swami Beyondananda in syndicated columns, books and live performances. His unique blend of humor, politics and spirituality will make you laugh out loud while you shake your head at the ironic truth the Swami finds in the simplest of metaphors. He shares his vision of Nonjudgment Day as a day when “all of the nations at United Nations begin all of their sessions with the Hokey Pokey. The Palestinians and the Israelis, they put their whole selves in-that is commitment. They pull their whole selves out-that is detachment. They turn themselves around-that is transformation. And that’s what it’s all about.”


Steve Bhaerman travels the country as a speaker, and offers the workshop “The Alchemy of Humor.” He is the author of Duck Soup for the Soul: The Way of Living Louder and Laughing Longer (Hysteria 1999), When You See a Sacred Cow – Milk It for All It’s Worth (Aslan 1993) and Driving Your Own Karma: Swami Beyondananda’s Tour Guide to Enlightenment (Destiny 1989).

Topics Explored in this Dialogue:

  • How you can use laughter in the face of spiritual and political crises
  • The power of tell-a-vision and tell-a-communication
  • Supply side spirituality
  • The irony deficiency that prevents us from seeing the truth about our current administration
  • How our government is made up of fossils fueled by fossil fuels
  • How the current imbalance between the left wing and the right wing has us flying around in circles

Host: Michael Toms             Interview Date: 7/22/2003                    Program Number: 2994              


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