Being Authentic with Marsha Sinetar


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It’s impossible to be happy without being true to yourself; and it requires a spiritual form of intelligence to discover your true nature. Intuitive knowing, gut feelings, inspired thought-these are all forms of spiritual intelligence. There is a vital energy you receive when you are infused with it, which Marsha Sinetar calls the “kiss of life.” You may have felt this sense of aliveness at random moments of your life-now you can learn how to make it a part of your everyday existence. Sinetar offers tools for becoming more open to the spiritual guidance all around you, and ways to uncover your natural gifts and start leading a fuller, richer life.


Sinetar is an educator, corporate advisor, lecturer and author of Ordinary People As Monks and Mystics (Paulist Press 1986) and Do What You Love: The Money Will Follow (Paulist Press 1987), To Build the Life You Want, Create the Work You Love (St. Martin 1995), The Mentor’s Spirit: Life Lessons on Leadership and the Art of Encouragement (St. Martin 1998), and Don’t Call Me Old, I’m Just Awakening!: Spiritual Encouragement for Later Life (Paulist Press 2002). To learn more about the work of Marsha Sinetar go to

Topics Explored in this Dialogue:

  • How to discover your unique talents-and then pursue them
  • What is spiritual intelligence and how you can deepen yours
  • How to start trusting yourself
  • How do you keep negativity at bay
  • How life supports risk-taking (and how to be sensible about it!)
  • How to break out of your comfort zone
  • Mentors: how to find them, and how to be one

Host: Michael Toms             Interview Date: 1/12/1999                Program Number: 2755            


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