Basic Buddhist Wisdom with Thich Nhat Hanh


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Thich Nhat Hanh is one of the foremost teachers of Buddhism in the West, and here he explores Buddhism and Christianity, and the concepts of soul, impermanence, mindfulness and much more. “Everything is impermanent,” he says. “Not only is your body impermanent, but your feelings, your perceptions, your mental formations, your consciousness also…. Instead of complaining that things are impermanent, we have to welcome impermanence as a factor to make life possible–Long Live Impermanence!” Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Martin Luther King, Jr. during the Vietnam War.


Thich Nhat Hanh is the author of many books, including Living Buddha, Living Christ (Riverhead 1995) and Cultivating the Mind of Love: The Practice of Looking Deeply in the Mahayana Buddhist Tradition (Parallax 1996).

Topics Explored in this Dialogue:

  • How personal and social responsibility follow from being mindful
  • The similarities between Buddhist and Christian concepts of Trinity
  • The concept of soul in Buddhism
  • Why impermanence is necessary for life
  • Benefiting from the broad spectrum of humanity’s spiritual heritage
  • The future of spirituality
  • “Making the world real” through mindfulness
  • Why we need an awareness of our ancestors
  • The power of a spiritual community
  • How to be a healing listener

Host: Michael Toms                Interview Date: 9/20/1995                   Program Number: 2545                  


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