Balance Through Bodywork with Jon Schreiber, Angela Porter & Denise Berezonsky


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Experience life in balance with the ancient practice of Breema bodywork. Listen to Jon Schreiber, Americaís foremost Breema specialist and director of The Breema Center in Oakland, California, discuss this unique bodywork based on nine universal principles that nurture the mind and body, guiding one towards a unified and harmonious state of well being. It is a practice that enhances the flow of life energy and keeps one in the present moment, ever mindful. “Breema is based on the understanding that life exist only in Unity. It is not a belief system. It is not something that I just memorize and then repeat. Breema offers a very practical step by step approach of getting an actual taste of body, mind and feeling of unity,” believes Jon Schreiber. It is a comfortable, enjoyable, relaxing and re-vitalizing method that allows one to feel more receptive towards people, feel more alive in their bodies and feel like they are truly participating in life. Angela Porter relates, “When we talk about bringing the world together, Breema brings me together. There is a joyfulness, fun and aliveness in that.”


Denise Berezonsky and Angela Porter are both Breema practitioners. Jon Schreiber is the author of Breema: Essence of Harmonious Life (California Health Publications 1998).

Topics Explored in this Dialogue:

  • How you can reach a state of relaxed, joyful mindfulness
  • What Breema bodywork is and how to use it in everyday situations
  • The nine principles of Breema
  • The benefits of Breema
  • Children and Breema

Host: Michael Toms               Interview Date: 7/21/2000                    Program Number: 2827                 


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