Angels Among Us with Doreen Virtue


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How would you like to manifest what you want, and receive grounded advise in every aspect of your life by consciously communicating with angels? Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. reveals how clarity and healing can take place in many forms with “angel therapy.” She is a fourth-generation metaphysician, who blends metaphysical, psychological, and spiritual principles into her counseling practice and writing. Virtue, a clairvoyant, shares the messages she receives directly from the angels about life-after death, finding your divine purpose, addiction, children, dreams, how your past lives may affect your present-life issues, and more everyday practical topics. She speaks about the nature and hierarchy of angels, “There is a team who is absolutely on our side, who looks past the surface personality, who looks past our gender, looks past all the mistakes we make and sees us as that divine spark of life that can never be soiled or tarnished. They see our potential and the contribution we can make. When you get in touch with that, how can you not have your self-esteem and your happiness level go up?” In her practice she works with parents who have lost children to disease or suicide, and employs her clairvoyant abilities to help heal the grief.


She is the author of Angel Visions: True Stories of People Who Have Seen Angels and How YOU Can See Angels Too! (Hay House, Inc., 2000), and Divine Prescriptions: Using Your Sixth Sense-Spiritual Solutions for You and Your Loved Ones (Renaissance Books, 2000).

Topics Explored in this Dialogue:

  • How we know angels are real and not imagined
  • Which angels to call on to help when you are frightened, need strength, healing or creative energy
  • How angels can help us to be free to focus on using our natural talents to serve
  • Hear how “indigo children” will be helping future generations
  • Who are the lightworkers – they might be someone you know and live or work wit
  • How Virtue clairvoyantly helps grieving parents
  • Who are the archangels and what do they do

Host: Michael Toms               Interview Date: 12/12/2000                   Program Number: 2848                


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