Robert Fuller and Robert Cabot

Afghanistan: Another Holocaust? with Robert Fuller & Robert Cabot


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The Afghan-Soviet War could be called an “invisible war,” since it is largely unnoticed in the West. Yet more than five million Afghans are refugees, and estimates of the dead range from one to two million. Here two principals of the Mo Tzu Project, a citizens diplomacy endeavor, who have recently visited the Afghan refugee camps on the Afghan-Pakistani border, report the facts as they have observed them. What emerges is an astounding story of chaos and courage, which may offer a unique opportunity for bringing the superpowers closer together. Cabot is a former diplomat; Fuller is past president of Oberlin College and founder of the Mo Tzu Project.

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Robert Fuller, Ph.D. is a physicist, former president of Oberlin College, and leader of the dignity movement to overcome rankism. He has consulted with Indira Gandhi, met with Jimmy Carter regarding the President’s Commission on World Hunger, worked in the USSR to defuse the Cold War, and keynoted a Dignity for All conference hosted by the President of Bangladesh.  Fuller co-authored the text, Mathematics of Classical and Quantum Physics. 

His books on dignity and rankism include:

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Robert Cabot is a former diplomat.

Program Number: 2044                   Host: Michael Toms                      Interview Date: 4/1/1987


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