February 2013 Music Playlist

Airing the Week of February 6 – 12, 2013

Unleash Your Brain Power As You Age with Michael Gelb
Program #3429

From album: Planet Passion
Artist: Ancient Future
2001 Ancient Future #AF – 2010

Opening Essay: Track 1 “Simsimay Panima”
Music Break 1: Track 4 “I Met Her In the Medowe.b”
Music Break 2: Track 5 “Ocean of Love”
Music Break 3: Track 5 “Ocean of Love” (Reprise)

Airing the Week of February 13 – 19, 2013

Co-Creating The Dream Of A Modern Day Oz with Jean Houston, Ph.D.
Program #3459

From the Movie: The Wizard of Oz (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Artist: various
Published by Turner Entertainment

Opening Essay: Track 16 ” We’re Off to See the Wizard” combined with track 2
“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (custom edit by Lou Judson)
Music Break 1: Track 15 “If I only had a Brain (extended version)”
Music Break 2: Track 19 “If I only had the Nerve”
Music Break 3: Track 2 “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

Airing the Week of February 20 – 26, 2013

Warriors For The Human Spirit with Margarert J. Wheatley, Ph.D.
Program #3460

From album:  17 Seconds to Anywhere
Artist: Liz Story
1998 Windham Hill Records #01934-11291-2

Opening Essay: Track 02, “Rumors of Discipline”
Music Break 1: Track 04, “Voices”
Music Break 2: Track 02, “Rumors of Discipline” (reprise)
Music Break 3: Track 01, “Captain April”

Airing the Week of February 27 – March 5, 2013

Watering The Seeds Of Mindfulness with Zachiah Murray
Program #3461

From album: Quiet Mind: The Musical Journey of a Tibetan Nomad
Artist: Nawang Khechog
1991 Sounds True #STA M001D

Opening Essay: Track: 01 “Year of Tibet”
Music Break 1: Track 03 “The Flight of a Shepherd Boy”
Music Break 2: Track 06 “Giving and Forgiving”
Music Break 3: Track 04 “Freedom in Exile”