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Jane Hirshfield

How Poetry Can Transform Our Lives with Jane Hirshfield

Free Listening Through August 4, 2015: Jane Hirshfield believes that poetry can play a transformative role in our lives. “What poems are doing is counterbalancing the mainstream tenor of our culture, which is to do, to be active, to be energetic and to prove one’s self… and one of the messages underlying all poems that […]

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Dean Sluyter

The Many Vehicles Of Meditation with Dean Sluyter

Free Listening Through July 28, 2015: Have you ever tried to meditate regularly but had trouble sticking to it? Have you told yourself that you just don’t have enough discipline to sit and tame your mind, rest in the space between thoughts, or achieve a completely blank mind? Dean Sluyter advocates what he calls natural […]

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Barbara Marx Hubbard

Awakening The Power Of Our Social Potential with Barbara Marx Hubbard

The illusion of separation is dying and a new social synergy is being born. There is an emerging self-actualizing society of which we are all a part. Barbara Marx Hubbard has been studying social evolution for over 40 years, and she tells us how important it is to realize our potential, independently, and as a […]

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quan yin with aloe

My Mother’s Aloe Plant

I have immense admiration for those who consider themselves card-carrying members of the society of “Green Thumbs.” That glorious community is not something with which I can claim affiliation. These days my gardening consists of urging some potted plants on my porch to choose to live even through my sporadic neglect. I didn’t always feel […]

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Jed Diamond

Moving Into Health Through Energy Healing with Jed Diamond, Ph.D.

More than ever before in history, humans are faced with an overwhelming amount of stress.  This leads to debilitating illnesses, addictions, and depression. We need all the help we can get. Jed Diamond suggests that help can be found through energy healing, “[N]o matter how we got sick, no matter what the problem is, if you […]

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eagle taking off to fly

Working Up Escape Velocity

A friend recently said she was dreading a trip to another state for a wedding. It wasn’t the wedding that caused distress, it was the traveling to and from her home. I share with her this particular anxiety. As the years and decades have passed, my excitement about travel has increasingly diminished. It’s not that […]

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Laura Basha

The Character Of Thought: The Choice To Be In Process Or Flow with Laura Basha, Ph.D.

Dr. Laura Basha discusses how the power and quality of thought influences our ability to bring choice into process. She describes the three principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought and how they are connected: “The mind is formless but has energy…consciousness is the movement of the mind according to our level of understanding and is the […]

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Gregg Levoy

Awe And Wonder: Keys To Living A Passionate Life with Gregg Levoy

This far-ranging dialogue is full of stories that will inspire and delight. Levoy speaks about a sense of wonder as being the active ingredient in a passionate life, and how even suffering and restlessness can be explored with curiosity. He tells us that wonder can offer us the adaptive benefit of free cognitive upgrades. You’ll […]

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joyful child

Let’s Be Like Kindergarteners

In preparing for the interview with Gregg Levoy on this month’s program schedule, I ran across this from his book, Vital Signs. “Through the rapped knuckles of our upbringings most of us learned early on that the full throated expression of who we are isn’t necessarily welcome, and we end up with internalized scolds telling […]

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Heidi Kuhn

From The Heart Of A Mother: The Movement To Replace Landmines With Roots Of Peace with Heidi Kuhn

For many years, Kuhn has dedicated herself to removing land mines from the 70 countries around the world that are still plagued with these small but powerful weapons. She educates us on the severity and pervasiveness of the issue and explains how with love, patience and persistence, she has built momentum for the cause to […]

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Hank Wesselman

Sacred Knowledge From The Indigenous Wisdom Of Hawaii with Hank Wesselman, Ph.D.

In old Hawaii, where the flow of primal energies created unparalleled natural beauty, one of the world’s most highly advanced spiritual cultures developed. Before his passing, Kahuna elder Hale Makua granted Dr. Wesselman permission to share the sacred spiritual knowledge he had gathered from working with this revered wisdom keeper for eight years. Here he […]

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Gabrielle Glancy

A Mysterious Illness: Parasites, Facebook, And Other Things with Gabrielle Glancy

For close to three years Glancy suffered from a debilitating illness. She describes her attempts to get help from doctors as frustrating, exhausting and invalidating. Despite her profound weakness, she sought help from many health practitioners, hoping for one of them to believe that what she was experiencing was real, and to have an answer. […]

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Linda Graham

Developing Our Natural Resilience with Linda Graham

Graham assures us that we can rewire neural networks in our brain and build resilience to the point that positive emotions become almost a default reaction. Positive emotions are natural in easy times but more difficult to evoke in hard times. Resilience and positive emotions are inseparable. Linda Graham explains how developing habits such as […]

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Susan Campbell

Healing and Repairing Relationship, An Ongoing Process with Susan Campbell, Ph.D.

Dr. Campbell offers practical advice for repairing our love relationships while also healing our inner wounds. We learn methods for turning common relationship conflicts into opportunities to foster love, trust, and intimacy. She suggests making an agreement with your partner to take a “time-out” when you sense a trigger, using those moments to feel what […]

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Judith Orloff

Listening To Your Wise And Beautiful Heart with Judith Orloff, M.D.

Judith Orloff, M.D. comes from a long line of intuitive healers, and she’s been working with her own intuition since she was a young child. Through her personal experience and her work as an intuitive psychiatrist, she’s acquired a wealth of knowledge that will help you learn to recognize, and make wise use of, your […]

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June 2015 Music Playlist

Airing the Week of June 3 – 9, 2015 Sacred Knowledge From The Indigenous Wisdom of Hawaii with Hank Wesselman, Ph.D. Program #3400 From Album: Punahele Artist: Ray Káne 1994 Dancing Cat Records #08022 38001-2 Opening Essay: Track 01 Wai’anae Slack Key Hula Music Break 1: Track 07 Nanea Kou Maka I Ka Le’ale’a Music Break […]

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Willis Barnstone

For The Love Of Poetry And Sacred Texts with Willis Barnstone

Willis Barnstone is a poet, translator, biblical scholar, memoirist, anthologist, teacher, and painter. If we are to grasp his greatest contribution to culture over the course of his professional life, we can focus on his role first and foremost as a poet – a lover of words, both his own and those of others, and […]

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Peter Russell

Matter And Consciousness: Shifting The Metaparadigm with Peter Russell, D.C.S.

Russell explains the difference between a paradigm and a metaparadigm and why consciousness cannot be explained within our current systems. He asserts that science is able to measure phenomena such as energy, time, and space, yet has not found a way to prove or measure consciousness. “These are all concepts in the mind…I am conscious I am […]

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David Goff and Alexandra Hart

Growing An Elder Community with David Goff, Ph.D. and Alexandra Hart

Community is humanity’s natural social habitat. Now more than ever we suffer from the loss of connection and belonging that community provides. Sitting in circle with a community of elders provides an enormous opportunity to explore, out loud, the process of aging. Many participants express a surprising freedom to truly become themselves as they age. […]

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May 2015 Music Playlist

Airing the Week of May 6 – 12, 2015 Listening To Your Wise And Beautiful Heart with Judith Orloff, M.D. Program #3324 From Album: Origins Artist: Radhika Miller, David Darling, W.A. Mathieu 1989 Radhika Miller Music #RMM 1108 Opening Essay: Track 03 Net of Gems Music Break 1: Track 01 Origins Music Break 2: Track 03 […]

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Rebecca Solnit

Weaving The Fabric Of The World With Our Stories with Rebecca Solnit

Rebecca Solnit discusses how all of us are connected to one another as though we are threads woven into the fabric of the world. Storytelling is an important part of creating this fabric. Every story is a thread that weaves itself into the universal fabric. Solnit points out that we often pretend that stories are […]

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don Miguel Ruiz

The World Is Inside with don Miguel Ruiz

“Many masters have said that every mind is a world, and it’s true. The world we think we see outside of us is actually inside of us. It is just images in our imagination. It’s a dream.  We’re dreaming constantly, and this has been known for centuries, not only in Mexico by the Toltec, but […]

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A Lifeline of Support

This month we’ll be hearing from Linda Graham author of Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain for Maximum Resilience and Well-Being. She reminds us that “resources generate the strength, energy, steadiness, and balance we need for adaptive coping.” Resources are the safety net of resilience and we all know that seeking support brings surprising and much […]

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Discovering Your Creative Fire with Eric Maisel, Ph.D.

As a creativity coach, Dr. Maisel talks about the lineage of our creativity. There is a point in our lives when we fall in love with something – a book, a painting, a piece of music, a film – and we long to be part of the lineage of that creation. This longing emboldens us […]

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Alex Pattakos and Elaine Dundon

OPA!: A Celebration Of The Search For Meaning with Alex Pattakos, Ph.D. & Elaine Dundon

This husband and wife team teaches us that the age-old search for the meaning of life can be lightened up using an age-old expression. They’ve found that using the ancient Greek celebratory word “OPA!” makes it easy to apply their principles to everyday life: connecting with others, finding purpose, and maintaining an embracing attitude can […]

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Guy Finley

Letting Go Of Resistance: A Constant Rebirth with Guy Finley

Finley tells us that on a day to day basis our lives are a kind of “constant hopping from one identity to another.” He describes this as the location from which we are operating. He suggests we ask ourselves the question: Are we choosing the location of fear and anxiety, which supports knee-jerk reactions, or one of mindfulness and […]

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man paying attention

Attention: Use It or Lose It

Spiritual teacher Guy Finley makes a provocative observation in his book The Secret of Your Immortal Self. He points out that the only things that are truly ours to use are: attention and time. I turned this remark over in my mind, asking myself, “Is this true?” As I scanned my life I pondered the […]

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Susan Moon

Aging With Grace And Humor with Susan Moon

Travel with Susan Moon to get an inside view on the perils and joys of aging. With humor and deep insight, she encourages us to move forward in our aging with courage and hope. There are many lessons along the way. She says much of it is “learning how to ask for help, learning how to […]

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Diane Hennacy Powell

ESP, Autistic Children, Remote Viewing, Telepathy, And More with Diane Hennacy Powell, M.D.

Dr. Powell describes how her curiosity about human consciousness led her to study the extent of human extrasensory abilities. Her research drove her to focus largely on autism, savant syndrome and abnormal brain function, among other things, to support the existence of extrasensory phenomena such as telepathy, remote viewing, and ESP. As a psychiatrist, she […]

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George Lakoff

Strict Father And Nurturant Parenting Styles: Metaphors For Political Ideologies with George Lakoff, Ph.D.

George Lakoff compares two opposing political ideologies with two distinct parenting styles. He explains that the strict disciplinarian parent parallels conservative ideology, and the nurturant empathetic parent parallels progressive ideology. Lakoff identifies the strengths and weaknesses in these two communication systems and the framing of their messages. Lakoff’s research has determined that framing matters because it unconsciously rules perception. […]

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Linda Carroll

Learning To Love Well – Thoughts On A Long-Lasting Relationship with Linda Carroll

Linda Carroll shares her professional and personal insights into the reality of maintaining a lasting, loving relationship. She describes the stages of relationships, each with distinct characteristics and accompanying lessons. There’s an evolution happening within each relationship that forces us to make important decisions about ourselves and the trajectory of our personal growth. Carroll reminds […]

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Howard Thurman

What Makes You Come Alive?

Howard Thurman (1899-1981), the great thinker, educator, and peace-activist, often taught that attitude contributes to the wellbeing of our world and our self. In one of his most famous quotes he says: “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world […]

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Sunny Schwartz

Restorative Justice That Works with Sunny Schwartz

There’s been a lot of talk in recent years about getting tough on crime. You could say it’s working—in 2007 we had ten million Americans in prison or on probation. But is that really what we’re after? Attorney Sunny Schwartz says, “That ‘tough on crime’ stuff is such a fallacy, and it’s been hijacked. It’s […]

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Roger Housden

Faith Without Religion: Bowing To The Mystery Of Life with Roger Housden

  Roger Housden shares with us that keeping faith does not require a religious code or practice “Faith is a wholehearted bodily knowing,” he says. Faith is an aliveness that doesn’t have an explanation. The purpose of life is revealed gradually. When answers are unavailable, faith holds us in place while we wait for them. Simply by […]

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Jay Shafer

The Tiny House Movement – Living Small with Jay Shafer

Houses in the U.S. average between 1500 to 2300 square feet, but this may be slowly shifting thanks to the Tiny House Movement happening worldwide. Usually, a tiny house measures between 100 to 350 square feet. However, designer Jay Schafer is quite liberal in his definition of what qualifies as a tiny house, declining to […]

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Alexander Shaia

The Gospels Of Jesus: A Map Of Transformation with Alexander Shaia, Ph.D.

From the four seasons of nature to the four noble truths, in major religions, the various schools of psychology, and the world around us, we see the number four as integral to life and its cycles. Alexander Shaia sees the same cyclical pattern in the four Gospels, four distinct tenets of spiritual practice which lead us […]

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J. Ruth Gendler

The Essential Human Essences Of Creativity, Imagination And Beauty with J. Ruth Gendler

At a very young age, Ruth Gendler became enamored with elements of creativity like words, colors and beauty. After years of writing, painting and teaching, she has come to know herself as an “Anthropologist of the Imagination.” She offers insight into some qualities that are our steadfast companions, such as joy, love of beauty, curiosity, and courtesy. […]

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Highway 101

The Seeker Highway

Some people can tell the history of their lives as a single story that unfolds like a highway that is well marked and is never encumbered with “under construction” detours. Others might say their path was littered with lots of surprises and choices, interruptions and disappointments, and arrivals at some unanticipated places. My life has […]

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Claude Poncelot

Exploring The Intersection Between Science And Shamanism with Claude Poncelet, Ph.D.

Poncelet is a practitioner of both physics and shamanism. He does not see a divide between these disciplines. It’s his experience that there is a spiritual dimension to reality and it is not inconsistent with the scientific view of reality. He explains that both traditions are looking at the same reality but through different windows. […]

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James Norwood Pratt

The Windless Calm Of Tea with James Norwood Pratt

Tea is a miracle of vegetation that not only benefits our health but enhances our mood. It is understood to be liquid sunshine, a beverage distilled from the energy of the sun and has been part of human culture for 6000 years. Tea can mellow us out or energize and exhilarate us, and many Americans […]

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