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A Personal Message from Justine Willis Toms

I want to thank you in advance for being such a powerful partner and supporter of the New Dimensions broadcasts. Your most generous contributions are a MAJOR help in New Dimensions overall financial health.

I’m asking you to consider a substantial donation at this time. If you are like me, you find your email and mailboxes are cluttered with political ads and other requests for financial aid, which cause us to suffer from a sort of attention fatigue. New Dimensions donations are dwindling because of this crowded landscape. It’s my most sincere hope that you will respond positively to this request...
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Free Listening This Week

D Patrick Miller

A Course in Miracles: A Spiritual Touchstone with D. Patrick Miller

Free Listening Through September 8, 2015: A Course in Miracles became an instant spiritual phenomenon upon its 1976 publication, and has since served as a spiritual touchstone for millions around the world. Where did A Course in Miracles come from?  What part does forgiveness play in the Course?  How can non-Christians reconcile the Christian language in the Course? How does […]

Gwen Cooper

Homer, An Eyeless Cat, Teaches Love And Courage with Gwen Cooper

Free Listening Through September 1, 2015: This is an adventure story of a blind cat, Homer, and a woman finding one another, and the lessons this relationship taught her. Homer survived being trapped without Cooper for days after 9/11 in an apartment near the World Trade Center, and even saved Cooper’s life when he chased an […]